Dialogue & Debate

David Haskell: Don’t Thank Us – Join Us! 

25th November 2016

Every summer since 1985, Joy of Giving camps have woven together the social fabric of Lebanon with lifelong friendships. And those children have grown into a youth volunteer movement blending ...

The White Helmets and Jo Cox MP – winners of the 2016 RISING Global Peace Prize

12th November 2016

We created the RISING Global Peace Prize because we wanted to create a moment of reflection where we could take stock of the many brave women and men around the world who make peace their ...

Liv Garfield: United behind our common goals

1st November 2016

When I got the call asking whether I wanted to be part of RISING 16, I couldn’t have been more excited. I’ve been with Severn Trent for over two years now, but I’m still genuinely impressed, ...

Elizabeth Filippouli: Female leadership – a paradigm shift

29th October 2016

We need to understand that inequality is manifested in numerous ways: women are often underrepresented in professional or managerial levels, while women workers are concentrated in traditional ...

Juan Manuel Santos’s Nobel prize could save the peace process in Colombia

7th October 2016

Opinion piece by Ciarán Norris; first published in The Guardian, 7 Oct 2016.

Right now, more than 300,000 people are very disappointed. In all likelihood, the number is most ...

Nobel Prize for Juan Manuel Santos: will it help push Colombia towards peace?

7th October 2016

Comment piece by Ciarán Norris; first published in New Statesman, 7 Oct 2016.

Historically, when the award has been given because of a peace process it has gone to the leaders of ...

Finding the honesty

13th September 2016

Born and Reared, a story of four men living in Northern Ireland in the aftermath of a conflict.

The signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 was the culmination of a peace ...

A look at the American countering violent extremism strategy

5th August 2016

The US Department of State and USAID have laid out how American development and diplomacy agencies will work together to reduce violent extremism abroad. David Alpher, advocacy manager at ...

The Trump Ripple – When the missiles start to fly

26th April 2016

Terrorism, climate change, social injustice, and economic uncertainty are just a handful of the challenges the world is confronting. Global issues are no longer something that can be ignored. ...

RISING appoints first full-time director

20th April 2016

RISING has recruited its first full-time director ahead of its second annual event. Ciarán Norris will lead the organisation of RISING 16 after a decade of working in political, government and ...