RISING 2015: A hard road to hope

RISING Global Peace Forum

RISING 15 was our first annual international peace symposium. It took place from 11th to 13th November 2015 in Coventry, bringing together senior leaders, decision-makers and opinion-formers with others who advocate and inspire, ordinary people who are doing the extraordinary, and those with a story that needs to be heard.

The programme included talks from some of the world’s most inspirational and experienced peacemakers, a film screening, networking events and evening receptions. Download the RISING 15 programme and watch the talks.



RISING 15’s theme set the seemingly intractable crises of today against what history tells us we can achieve.

The recent intensification of violence and extremist behaviour in our troubled and connected world makes addressing conflict seem an impossible task, leading to paralysis, hopelessness and despair. But we know from the past that we can achieve the impossible when it comes to peace.

Wars and violent conflicts end. How they end is in our power to decide.

In many places people are paralysed by trauma and despair. They feel incapable of changing their lives and communities. Too many contexts are judged to be beyond hope. Too many people are living without dignity and without positive life-chances for their families.

The Hard Road to Hope recognises how hard it can be to strive for peace against the odds and honours those who do so. We have a lot to learn from the roads they have travelled and may be surprised and heartened by the reality that, at first, their journeys seemed impossible too.

Their remarkable efforts will inspire, affirm and call to action.

See the Talks and Speakers.