Encouraging dialogue against the odds: lessons from my work in Myanmar and Syria

11 Nov 2015, 4:40pm - 5:15pm

How is it possible to encourage dialogue in a place like Myanmar, until recently one of the most isolated and authoritarian countries in the world? Or Syria, where one of the world’s bloodiest wars still rages, with millions now dead, displaced or living in gruelling poverty?

Working with people from some of the world’s trickiest contexts, these are the questions Richard Smith is tasked to consider. He uncovers the promise of dialogue, explaining how it can re-write power relationships and connect people across ideological battle lines, even against all the odds. Applying insights from a lifetime’s peacemaking work around the world, he provides a unique perspective on this vital part of building peace.


Date and time

11 Nov 2015, 4:40pm - 5:15pm

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