Pencil Power: educating girls in South Sudan

By age 15 a girl in South Sudan is more likely to have died in childbirth than to have completed secondary education.

50 years of war and poverty has disrupted the learning of entire generations in the world’s newest country. Today 2 in 3 South Sudanese girls do not go to school at all, with girls only half as likely to be literate as boys. Of the girls who do go to school, most drop out at around 10 years old, because of the pressures of home life, domestic work, and early marriage and pregnancy.

Three inspiring South Sudanese women join a trustee of Friends of Ibba Girls School to take on the question of education in their home country, exploring the challenge of girls education and the practical steps that are being taken along this very hard road to hope. They show how changing the lives of girl students supports whole communities in South Sudan, with inspiring examples from Ibba Girls School.

Date and time

11 Nov 2015, 4:00pm - 5:15pm

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