Prof Harris Beider

Harris BeiderProfessor Harris Beider is Chair in Community Cohesion and Head of Social Relations at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR), Coventry University. Previously he was Senior Fellow at the University of Birmingham and Executive Director of the Federation of Black Housing Organisations.

Harris’ main research interests are focused on race, communities and public policy at the national and international level. He has led national and international research projects funded by foundations in the UK, US and Asia; published widely including three books, two research monographs and numerous articles. His work has been featured in The Nation, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and on BBC TV and national radio. Harris is Visiting Professor at Columbia University, New York City and Senior Fellow at Hedayah – the global centre of excellence in countering violent extremism, Abu Dhabi.

My research and interests are driven by personal experiences of growing up in an inner city, multicultural neighbourhood and later working with people and organisations to create a better society. It appeared then, as now, that national political debates on identity, immigration and race seemed to be contradictory to the reality of people who lived in my neighbourhood, went to school or were to become my work colleagues.


To this end, academic research, for Harris, is not about being esoteric and inaccessible, nor being detached from reality but putting forward progressive, radical and practical solutions that influence public policy change.