Josephine Yanga

Josephine YangaJosephine Yanga was Undersecretary for Higher Education in the South Sudan Ministry of Education Science and Technology (2008-2009) and former Lecturer in Education, at the College of Education, University of Jubà, South Sudan. She has also taught in the primary and secondary sectors in South Sudan.

Josephine is the eldest daughter of Rt. Gen Joseph Lagu, former Vice President of the Sudan.  She is one of 12 siblings, and mother of 3 grown up daughters.

Josephine’s schooling took place in Uganda (1966-74) because there was no girls secondary school in South Sudan at the time, and then at the University of Khartoum, Sudan (1975-1979).  She later gained an  MA in Psychology of Education, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, at the Institute of Education University of London (1984-1987).