Nyakor Gabrial Riam

Nyakor Gabrial RiamNyakor Gabrial Riam is co-founder of a small marketing, events, and consultancy company called Tamam Global whose main aim is to help entrepreneurial South Sudanese living in the diaspora, and to encourage sustainable and ethical businesses to participate in the development and rehabilitation of social structures in South Sudan.

Nyakor is also a University trained nurse and is keen to gain further qualifications in public health so that she can contribute to health improvement programmes within South Sudan.

Nyakor was born in a small town called Waat, Jonglie State. When the civil war broke out she fled with her family across South Sudan and settled in the north Sudan capital Khartoum at the internally displaced unit. In May 1985 she arrived in the United Kingdom and London has been her home since the age of four.

Nyakor is the eldest of 6 children and is the first child from her family to graduate. Education has been instilled by her father as a vital tool in life; he is one of the reasons for her passion for education and entrepreneurship.