Coventry Cathedral

Today the ruins of the old Cathedral are preserved as a memorial and sacred space for the City. They also provide a dramatic backdrop to open air events and film recording on occasions. The Coventry Litany of Reconciliation is prayed here every Friday at noon. As part of our 2012 Golden Jubilee we are planning to open up the old chapels and crypts under the ruins to create a Visitor Centre that will offer a new and moving reconciliation experience to visitors before they enter the Cathedral. In the 1990s, a national poll saw Coventry Cathedral elected as the nation’s favourite 20th Century building. It never fails to move, excite and delight all who visit and worship here.

The place we call ‘Coventry Cathedral’ is in fact two buildings that lie at the very heart of the city of Coventry. The Ruins of the ‘old Cathedral’ are the remains of a medieval parish church, consecrated to be the Cathedral of the new Diocese of Coventry in 1918. In a little over 20 years, this building would be destroyed by enemy air attack in the Second World War. Rather than sweeping away the ruins or rebuilding a replica of the former church, inspired by the message of Christ for reconciliation, the then leaders of the Cathedral Community took the courageous step to build a new Cathedral and preserve the remains of the old Cathedral as a moving reminder of the folly and waste of war. From that point, Coventry Cathedral became the inspiration for a ministry of peace and reconciliation that has reached out across the entire world.

1 Hill Top
Coventry CV1 5AB